About Us

Our family has been collecting quality antique postcards as well as rare stamps for the past two generations.

After collecting antique postcards for years we recently decided to sell a portion of our personal collection.

Collecting Postcards has taught us about World Events, Geography, Architecture, Life Styles and illustrators; It has introduced us to Famous people, Tragedies and numerous dinner conversations.  We hope that you get the bug of collecting postcards as it has kept us fascinated over the last 4 decades.

DELTIOLOGY:  is the collection, study, and preservation of postcards for fun, recreation, relaxation, and enjoyment – and for the historical preservation of life in years past. Many people collect because they are nostalgic or perhaps yearn for a time they never experienced. Antique cards give us a glimpse of the past; modern cards picture contemporary times. Antique cards tell us about social climate and life style, changes in transportation and business, and show us what existed before a disaster or a wrecker’s ball had its way. They remind us of places that are gone, or changed beyond recognition. They hold memories!!!