Postcard Condition Ratings

The postcard condition ratings usually follow a Universal standard Rating Chart shown below;  

However, our rating system is simpler: (Rating can be so objective, please contact us if you have any questions regarding the condition of the Postcards you are purchasing.  We will be more than happy to provide more photos for your observation).

AAA : Very Good to Good Condition

AA : Good Condition

A : Not So Good Condition (usually a small piece of the Postcard has been torn or the Postcard has a large crease)

Universal standard Rating Chart:

Mint: This means that the vintage postcard appears as it would have fresh off the printing press. There cannot be any writing, postage marks, creases, bends, etc. on the postcard for it to be in mint condition. They should be stored in acid-free, archival covers and kept safe from being bent.

Near mint: This is almost like mint except for a very minor flaw such as a little yellowing at the edge. There cannot be much of a flaw though or it starts to fall down the list. Again, this should be stored in acid-free, archival covers to protect it for the long term.

Excellent: This is a vintage postcard that is in excellent condition, so no tears or wear. It can be postmarked or written on, provided the postcard itself is still in perfect shape. As above, keep this in acid-free, archival covers.

Very good: This postcard is often mailed, postmarked and written upon but it has very few signs of wear and is definitely one to be proud of in a collection.

Good: By this stage, the postcard has lived a little and shows signs of its journey. There may be bent corners, a fold, creases, faded colors, etc. This one is unlikely to be worth much unless it’s particularly unusual, rare or was written by something famous.

Fair to poor: The rest of the postcards in their grimy, beaten up, bent, crushed, creased and other states. The reason you keep them? Mostly because they’re sentimental, because they complete a set, because you like them anyway, and so forth. Just don’t expect to make a fortune from them any day soon! Even so, a rare card or a card with great content can be worth a considerable amount even if damaged and in some cases certain forms of wear may even add to the aesthetic appeal of a card (the moral is go with what you like without worrying that it isn’t expensive).